Honoring true values – Vì em là món quà vô giá



Back in 2015, PNJ was leading the jewelry market but wanted their new TVC to address 2 issues:

  1. New competitors were taking market share by competing on prices & promotions.
  2. Their brand message “Honoring true values” was unclear.

In Vietnam gold is coveted for its value instead of the emotional value.

This meant PNJ was revered for its craftsmanship and product quality but their message “honoring true values” was perceived as a product centric message.


To build brand affinity and enhance customer loyalty, we advised PNJ to communicate the true meaning of their message

Our opportunity was to tackle this social tension and bring back the emotional value of jewelry, by defining the meaning behind their message “Honoring true values” as: PNJ’s craftsmanship process is inspired by modern Vietnamese woman and their attitudes.


PNJ has one of the few female CEO’s of the country. Starting with one store 18 years ago, she built PNJ into the biggest local jewelry brand, which is sometimes known as Tiffany of Vietnam.

She is one of the Vietnamese women with high positions, which have for decades now, played a big role in the economic development. But in a traditional society that encourages women to take care of the family, the new generation of women who strive for independence, struggle to find acceptation and understanding of their ambition.


We created a TVC that subtly illustrated the idea that PNJ jewels honor women’s values by following a man crafting a necklace from stone to final necklace.

In an intimate atmosphere the man’s voice describes the passion he puts into this process by talking about the strength of the jewel, until we reveal he was talking about his woman and how much he admires her achievements.

Visually, we decided to emphasize our message and “woman’s power” by not objectifying beauty and having a man telling his passion for a woman rather than playing on the usual appearance depicted by all competitors.

All this showed PNJ’s dedication to their craftsmanship and the success of women.

To cement this meaning in the minds of PNJ’s audience, we continued the story with a series of prints that leverage several successful Vietnamese women who represent PNJ values of independence, success and caring.

We continued the conversation online with Facebook post and videos to encourage women to per sue their ambitions with PNJ.


Together the TVC and 10 videos achieved 3,521,692 views, with 748,173 on Facebook, and 28,522,601 impression.

The posts alone reached 8,690,688  people that increased the number of fans by 32,861 with an engagement rate of 30% at a total number of 2,859,403.

PNJ’s revenue increased by 19% and has currently made 43% of pure profit. This means that with this brand positioning campaign, PNJ are no longer dependent on discounts and promotions.

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